Paypal online payment tool most secure

Protection policy is written for the buyer to use Paypal states that the buyer can use the Paypal complaint within 45 days if the buyer has not been getting the goods ordered or if goods ordered does not fit that description please let the seller. If the buyer uses a credit card will get a refund chargeback from credit card companies

Paypal also protects the seller from the complaint or refund depending on the situation and verification. The policy is written to the seller protection is designed to protect sellers from buyers who claim that has been sending the money there is no record evidence of the payment, each purchase using the Paypal notes always have proof of payment is Paypal account in sending and receiving money, as evidence if there has been correct remittance

From this the conclusion can be drawn using Paypal more secure from other online payment tool for sending and receiving money because there is evidence of payment and be able to complain if something happens.

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