Tips For Caring Your Jeans

Jeans is a strong material and durable, but not free maintenance. Like other materials, jeans also require special treatment to be more durable and long lasting. Here are tips for washing and caring for your favorite jeans.

A. Washing

Laundering should not through the process of soaking because of the nature of the fabric Jeans (Denim) is easily fade.

If washing by soaking, avoid using hot water and soaking process should be with cold water which has dissolved with the detergent used. After that, then Jeans is put into water that has a detergent, while soaking no more than 2 hours.

Avoid washing with bleach (sodium Hipoclorid) which will result in white patches on the fabric.

We recommend washing Jeans (Denim) should be separate, not mixed with other clothes that are not jeans, because it would cause other clothing colors absorb the content of the remaining blue Jeans dishwater.

For non Denim fabrics, (Corduroy, Permanent Press) should not scrubbed because washing will cause fibers to be hairy.

B. Drying

Avoid drying in direct sunlight will cause color to fade quickly.

Drying should be done by inverting Jeans first so that the sun is part of Jeans.

C. Ironing

Don't do the ironing on Jeans are in humid conditions, as it will result in the occurrence of blue mold that will make the fabric become quickly obsolete.

The temperature at the time of ironing Jeans should not be too hot because it will cause stainning (white spots). The recommended temperature is 60 C. To Permanent Press is not recommended at temperatures above 60 C because it will cause the melting of the Permanent Press. The recommended temperature is below 40 C.

D. Storage

Don't be too long to save Jeans in folded condition as it would result in the formation of the yellow line at the fold line.

Jeans store should be hung by the hanger to prevent discoloration.

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