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As I share in the previous article, that I want to share about this affiliate at a time in a practice directly. As they may be difficult to understand, if only described per verbatim. The practice that I mean here is how we take advantage of a blog as a means to promote our affiliate product. Of course, in the end, each of us can understand how to market an affiliate product through blogs, then later the end result I want to achieve from this practice is how we can turn a blog as an online store. Here I do not act as teachers and tutors, but only act as inputs akan things that need to be prepared and kept. So there is no reason for anyone to feel "threatened" the land of business. Haha ... For those who want to please, for those who do not want to read let alone need not be followed.

I do not want to talk about the earnings prior to the hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly from affiliate business, at least for the friends that follow can understand a little about affiliate, if lucky can wash small change in the dollar this practice. As I mentioned earlier that in the discussion of this will not offend me how affiliate products through Google AdWords or other ads. Rather than thinking about it, it is better to first think about how we select products and optimize accordingly in a manner that is more lightweight.

In a practice, the required facilities and equipment needed. In this practice, we need to prepare some things, I can describe as follows:
1. Means of payment: because most of the owners of the portal product and Trading Market using Paypal as a means of payment, then we need to provide Paypal is already verified. Why should that have been verified? Since most of the affiliate service providers do not want to take a risk with the transfer of funds to Paypal account is unverified. For a list of Paypal can not, sign up here.
2. Have an account on the portal site Trading Markets (often called Affiliate Network) and Market Online that has affiliate programs. Online Market for the site listed as Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba. I also recorded some of the portal site that is famous trading market are: Clickbank, Comission Junction, Paydotcom, LinkShare, PepperjamNetwork and so forth. To practice means that I want to share my Pepperjam Network and occasionally will use ComissionJuction ( I see the two portal sites Trading Market is easier to learn, so is suitable for learning a new business affiliate. For those who do not have an account on the site please create an account first.
3. Preparing for the campaign blog as affiliate products. Blog that we want to use, you should blog "does not have a domain and hosting free" because it will affect our credibility as a publisher. Moreover has a blog with the domain and hosting free cause minus the value for visitors blog that we will be targeting our promotional items. However, because this is still in the learning phase is not a problem for me haha ...
4. Understanding the SEO. In promoting an affiliate product through blogs, SEO Technique is very important.
5. Google Webmaster Tools, here we need a Google Trends and Google Analytics as the primary means of analysis. About Google Trends I want to study at a later time.

Pending registration friends who join the new Pepperjam Network, the article Facts and Myths series Business Online I break in 3 days. In the next series, I will discuss what we need to do after registering on the site is a portal Network affiliate.

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