War Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, MacOS and Linux

Open war has happened without us realize. Stronghold of Windows, XP and Vista, Ubuntu Linux from MacOS and Macintosh from the battle against hackers and troops it. The four forces are responsible for Operating System must protect some of the palace in the war zone 4. But the fierce battle is not uncommon to bring people into the world of knowledge the victim as a result, such as when Windows Vista secretly take to data from the back door, or when the MacOS secretly alliances with a dangerous trojan. Therefore let us join guerrilla war in this world to know the forces which we use to protect us.

Before we took guerrilla let's office to the police to check the criminal record of 4 Operating System that we face on the hacker. In fact none of the operating system really has a clean record, each has a criminal record, the MacOS was caught as a result of cooperation with a trojan virus, Windows XP has a record as note data, Windows Vista as a supplier of Linux and POPUP very fanatical input prompt. Well note that only black past, let's dive to 4 zones where the occurrence of this fierce battle.

netting in the security zone, the windows XP and Vista to be the main target of the attack of the hacker world, but still XP and Vista was able to stem the attack with both through a firewall that automatically run when the run began. However, apparently the hacker does not lose the idea, they attack through the Internet Explorer 7 slit of the has had many weaknesses, even if Windows always cover the midst via a security update that every 18 days, but this situation is quite dangerous. To overcome this, the citizens are advised to always update the internet explorer, or use a browser that is safer namely: Safari and Firefox. Due to this attack, the security zone playing internet, windows XP should merelakan 2 palace kept him seized by the hacker, while Windows Vista with the gate guards who only lost 1 strict palace in this zone. Linux and MacOS in this zone may be a bit careful joyous views so as not to be invaded by hackers so that the fifth palace guard that they remain safe. This zone in Linux and MacOS winner.

War zone security in the PC, the facts will reveal many weaknesses some troops Operating System. Troops Windows XP, Vista and Ubuntu Linux was weak defense against the door have the password login. Only with an emergency CD, password door login Windows XP, Vista and Linux can dibobol. Similarly troops MacOS was weak on this issue, just simply press the key combination [Apple] + [S] during boot, data on the PC can be accessed by everyone. This causes each brigade lost palace 1. Palace of the other, in the area of data encryption four troops appeared to have the Operating System folder encryption system that is easily operated. MacOS using FileVault, TrusCrypt with Linux and Windows XP / Vista system with the Encrypted File System (EFS). But that's all that Windows Vista is superior because it can better protect the entire hard disk can be encrypted only with a few clicks. Vista successfully defend istananya while the other must lose the palace after a very intense battle in a long time. Next, in the palace of a backup data does not also encounter less fierce. MacOS excellence in this area with its Time Machine. Windows XP backup with 2 stage through System Restore, Windows Vista, but it also has a system restore with the additional shadow copy data should be able to better, but because one of the members forces him version of Windows Vista Home is not equipped with this service, causing the windows Vista should be willing lost palace back. Troops Linux is worse again, with a free backup system that is too much and does not lead to clear these forces must also be weak and lose istananya. PC security zone in this superior XP and MacOS.

Operating in the Zone, there are 3 castles that have to be the File Search, Software Installation and File-Manager. Search on File, windows XP that does not appear impressive. MacOS system with Spotlight search evidence able to search files in a flash also be imitated by Linux and Windows Vista. While the ability to like it, windows XP should have additional tools. In the installation of software, sophistication and windows xp vista in installing a software downloaded or purchased cheapness and the cost incurred to install the program free of charge via the Packet Manager of the Linux, the rival can not afford the installation of traditional grandeur in MacOS. Lho kok more traditional installation of a sophisticated great? Yup .. MacOS traditional installation where we have to unpack the software packages of funds Zip ago put it in the menu that has a surplus at the time we remove the software. In MacOS, we do not need the uninstaller and remove the program if we are just simply delete the folder without any worry that there will be remaining in the system registry. At the palace of File Manager, Windows XP because it does not appear able to display a preview file contents as well as in the Windows Vista, Linux and MacOS. Operation of this zone in windows XP must be a loser.

Zone in the zone last driver (not the driver lho .. but a hardware software), troops from the citadel of the windows showed the ability to read in more hardware. Windows XP is able to read the 10,000 windows Vista hardware while two more times. Although Linux is developed by many people, but was weak in the driver because the driver is not available that way. While it has little MacOS driver problem because it is the driver to a commercial developer with the philosophy that is Okay to pay more as long as you can work without problems.

From the war on can we sumpulkan MacOS is that the first troops with the best design of an elegant and secure system, but have weaknesses in the choice of hardware and software. In the second place occupied by the Windows Vista security is better even though we have to buy back a lot of software if you want to optimize. Linux occupies third position because of the high level of security, but many relate operating system developers use this result still too complicated. Windows XP must be willing occupied the last position, because even with service pack 2, Windows XP still is not fully secure.

So troops which Operating System is selected? back on the needs of all and of course the funds we have.

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