Twitter Application: Integrating Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook, both of them is the social network sites that are popular at this time. The number of users who are very active and a lot of attraction is the site for social network and also as the capital for the rapidly growing social network site is.

I own a new start on Facebook and on Twitter about a new one last month. And in fact more fun and exciting, not like the use Friendster.

To integration between Twitter and Facebook, we can use the Facebook Application, namely Twitter App

Here is the function or use of Twitter Apps:
  • Automatic update our Facebook status from Twitter. So if you Twitter automatically update your Facebook
  • Can simultaneously update Twitter and Facebook status from our Twitter this application.
But if we do update the Facebook status from home page account Facebook, then the update will not update on Twitter. Unless you update Twitter from the application, the status on Facebook and Twitter will update.

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