Some Types of Content for the Site Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing is one way of doing business online is very promising. How not, online business with affiliate be calculated stable and have unlimited earning potential. In terms of the affiliate be calculated business risks have a very small risk. Unlike a business that has a paid review the risk reduction by Google Page Rank

Nowadays, with so many affiliate program or affiliate network, you can choose the free affiliate products that will be promoted. Many variations and many options. Promote your products so that sales occur, and you will get the commission percent (10-80%) of the sale on your campaign is.

Promote affiliate products a lot of technical and type, from the natural SEO to PPC ads. And now we'll talk about some type of content the effective for your affiliate site or blog.

1. Review

Reviews intended to provide clear information about a particular product or service, excess to lack of product, and usually have a glimpse of information and comparison with the product or other similar service. It is expected that visitors get the information clear and comprehensive about the product or service that we review it.

2. Comparisons

Almost similar to the review, only here there are two or more products that we have to review. Describe some points with the advantages and disadvantages of each product review.

3. Niche Information

Niche information is specific information and special cases only. For example, the motor information, it is more specific and special about the motor are:
matrix motor, large motor, duck motor, etc. You even can make the theme of motor narrow, for example: motor control, motor tires, etc.

4. News Content

Site News Content or the blog contains news information that are currently hot and popular.

5. RSS Feeds from Merchants

Many merchant affiliate network that already provides the rss feed. So that each publisher can easily retrieve the list from the merchant's product, then installed on our website.


Of course the type of content to the site affiliate is not only a 5-point above. Five types of content to the site affiliate on the course only a few of the many types of affiliate content sites.

Which type you use will depend of your style and manage the style of a website. For me personally, this type of content 'Review' and 'RSS Feeds from merchants' is the most easy. For those of you who have experience in managing some types of website, please share here, how its performance. Thanks!.

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