Pope in Bethlehem Support Palestinian State

In a day visit to Palestinian territories in the West Bank that Israel seized on Wednesday, saying Pope Benedictus establishment of independent Palestinian state.

"Holy Throne support the rights of the people you get to a sovereign Palestinian state in the land of your fathers,secure and peace with neighboring countries, with the borders that is recognized internationally," said Pope in a speech in Bethlehem at the residence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Pope was born in Germany will attend the mass in Bethlehem, outside Jerusalem, and met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, on the third day visit to the Holy Land, which is considered far Israel that he failed to show enough sympathy for the Jews who suffered in Nazi disaster.

In mass in Jerusalem Sunday, repeated again before the Pope about the aspirations of the people to realize that a country free and independent.

Pope himself, when in Israel Monday, Vatican reaffirms support for the existence of the Palestinian state, something that the Prime Minister of Israel to create a new one, Benjamin Netanyahu, as a result are reluctant to accept negotiations.

As the impact of Israel against their lives, people of Palestine has established a small amphiteater with a high concrete wall, which forms part of the wall that Israel built in and around the West Bank.

A Vatican spokesman, said the Pope was born in Germany not took part `active` in the movement against the Nazi desires. He then joined the German military forces. Pope will also hold mass in Nazareth in northern Israel, where Jesus is growing up, on Thursday. He will fly back to Rome Friday.

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